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Wireless photoelectric smoke detector


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The detector includes internal Elmes wireless alarm module and is intended for smoke detection and alarming in apartments and houses. Detection of smoke obscuration generates loud 85dB horn alarm along with wireless alarm transmissions sent to corresponding Elmes CB32 wireless control panel or receiver where emergency state is further notified. Operated with Elmes receivers may constitute a smoke alarm zone as part of any existing or designed wired security alarm system installation in households. Powered by ordinary carbon-zinc battery the detector operates up to two years while up to four years operation may be achieved when powered by alkaline or lithium battery. Detector features monitoring of radio link and battery voltage level when operated with Elmes CB32 panel or dedicated Elmes receivers CH8HR or CH20HR. The cease of radio signaling by detector or its low battery voltage level are signaled in control panel or receivers. Due to random alarm transmission timing feature the detector is better interference resistant allowing many Elmes GNS detectors to be installed in close vicinity. Elmes GNS detector does not emit ionization radiation and its operation is entirely based on photoelectric chamber obscuration by incoming smoke.


Smoke detectors should be installed in center of ceiling in sleeping and living room areas as well as in ways of expected smoke distribution in stair ways, hallways and their immediate vicinity. Place detector at least 300mm from light fittings or decorative objects that may obstruct smoke entering the detector. When mounting detector on wall, put top edge of detector at 300mm distance from ceiling. Installing detector in areas with sloping ceilings or walls keep 900mm distance from the highest point measured.

Do not install detector in room corners where there may not be sufficient smoke circulation to trigger fire detection. Do not fit detectors in kitchen, bathroom, workshop or garage where natural cooking fumes, steam, dust or car exhaust fumes may trigger false alarms.

Elmes GNS smoke detector is battery powered and requires no additional wiring. Having established a mounting location take the mounting bracket and mark two installation holes to be drilled in ceiling or wall. Insert supplied wall plugs into drilled holes and screw bracket to the surface. Clip (note polarity) and insert a new 9V battery firmly into battery compartment on the rear of the detector. Fit detector to mounting plate by aligning two projections on the mounting plate with two keyhole slots in the detector and turn it quarter turn clockwise. After battery replacement always test correct operation of the smoke detector by depressing front positioned TEST button. The unit should emit a loud pulsating alarm.  


NOTE! For the safety of the end user the smoke detector cannot be properly fitted without 9V battery.

Suggested installation places of the Elmes GNS detectors in apartments and houses are shown on pictures 1,2 with detector marked .